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2013-01-01 18:10:59

The higher the score, the higher is the likelihood that you will take a loan on better terms and conditions. Therefore, for using credit products it is very important to take care of your own credit rating. The credit score of Creditinfo is based on the information provided in your Credit Report.

The steps provided below will help you to acquire and maintain a high credit score so that your credit profile looks attractive for any organization:

Start creating your own credit history – as soon as at least one loan appears in the Credit Report, it will be possible to calculate the scores;

Take loans – even very small to create a minimum credit information;

Try not to violate the payment terms, any overdue payments will be recorded in the Credit Report and will negatively influence your credit score and rating;

Do not allow existence of written-off loans in the Credit Report. Remember that negative information remains in your Credit Report within 5 years after closing the loan;

Protect your credit history. Do not allow presence of records unknown to you or wrong information in it.

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