Credit History
Get daily access to credit history. The report includes detailed information on all types of contracts and payments history
Credit Monitoring
Start monitoring your credit history with alert notifications when key changes happen or inquiries are made
Credit Score and Rating
Credit score enables organizations to assess credit risk of the customers and probability of default. Credit Score is expressed into numbers and range from 0 to 400. Chech what is your Score
Get advice on how to improve your credit profile. In case of incorrect data is identified, Creditinfo team is ready to help you
Credit Score Simulator
Credit Score Simulator helps you see how your own credit score would change based on a variety of different future actions or events.
How Credit History and Score can help you?
Your Credit Report is the picture of your credit history which contains information about the current and closed loans. Payment history and information related to overdue loans also is a part of the Credit Report. This information shows how you manage your financial liabilities. During loan decision making process almost all credit organizations operating in Georgia check your credit history. You credit report shows your financial credibility. The credit score facilitates credit institutions to define how expectable timely repayment is in case of financing the loan. Check your credit report and ensure that information on it is correct and understand what could be affecting your score.
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