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Credit Score Simulator

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The credit score simulator enables you to see your future estimated score, in case of several actions, for example:

1) Paying off all delinquent contract
2) Applying for the new loan
How does the Credit Score Simulator work?
The credit score simulator is based on the same algorithm as credit score does. Simulator starts with the information in your current Creditinfo credit report and explores how changing that information could affect your score. Please consider, that simulator considers several variables, while your real credit score is calculated several dozens of variables.
How Credit Score Simulator Can Help You?
Using Credit simulator changing of the score is particularly visible in two cases: 1) How much will the score change in case of closure of delinquent loan? 2) How the credit score will be changed in case of disbursing new loan? The simulator allows you to see how much your score will be affected if you close all overdue loans. Please note that in case of overdue payments the score can be improved by the timely implementation of payments in the following months. When taking a new loan, note that secured loans effects you score more positively than the frequent usage of small and unsecured loans.
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